Environmental Policy

BKG Services, Inc. shares its commitment of responsibly in caring for the environment with our employees, our clients and our communities, to prevent, reduce, or mitigate harmful effects on nature and natural resources, by providing sound and sustainable business practices for the health of our ecosystem.

As an employer we recognize that the nature of our business has potential to impact detrimentally on the environment, particularly where we use cleaning materials. Use of such materials is under our direct control, and it is our policy therefore to minimize the use of harmful products and to use environmentally friendly products and procedures wherever possible.

We will take steps, so far as is reasonably practicable, to meet our environmental responsibilities, paying particular attention to our purchase and use of environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products.

The scope of cleaning products covered to the following:

  • Bathroom or restroom cleaners
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaners
  • Floor cleaners
  • Floor strippers
  • Food cleaners
  • General purpose cleaners
  • General purpose de-icers
  • Glass cleaners
  • Graffiti and grease removers
  • Hand cleaners, hand soaps and sanitizers
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Multipurpose cleaners
  • Paper towels or other paper used for cleaning
  • Other categories as determined by the state department of health.
  • Wood and concrete sealers

In regard to the cleaning product formulations all products used should:

  • Be readily biodegradable (certified Green Seal products)
  • U.S. EPA Design for the Environment
  • Environmental Choice EcoLogo Program

To meet its specific responsibilities, BKG Services, Inc. will:

  • Reduce waste and the consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy).
  • Minimize the environmental effect of new developments through strategic planning.
  • Specify products that minimize environmental effect in production, use and disposal.
  • Reduce or eliminate the production of polluting releases to the environment.

In addition BKG Services, Inc. will:

  • Comply fully with all legal requirements at every location where it is employed.
  • Define policy, procedures and accountabilities to ensure continual improvement.
  • Encourage full participation and commitment from all employees by carrying out appropriate training.
  • Ensure where legislation does not exist, that the Company set their own standards incorporating best industry practice in comparable activities.

BKG Services, Inc. strongly believes that such action can only be effective when supported by all of its employees and is taken in unison with both suppliers and clients.

It is the responsibility of Management within BKG Services, Inc. to regularly review practices and policies that have a direct effect upon the environment.